Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why Seth is Rich

Sunday last, Family Guy did well in the ratings. Not M*A*S*H well, or I love Lucy well, when forty or fifty percent of the TV universe was tuning in, but well as defined by 2015-type numbers. ...

In the 9 P.M. hour, Family Guy had the highest percentage of the 18-49 crowd, even as it had a lower number for total viewers.

In TV land, 'tweeners, elementary school tots, and geezers (those above 49) count for almost nothing. So when I see "Family Guy has a share of 5," I take that to mean:

Of the houses with 18-49 year-olds watching television, 5% of them are watching the Seth MacFarlane program. (The other three shows have lower shares, even though there are more eyeballs watching them. Very old and very young eyeballs are trumped by the peepers of the desired demographic every time.)

It ain't the quantity that has the most clout, but the age bracket.


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