Monday, March 30, 2015

The TAG Interview -- Carl H. Greenblatt

Carl Greenblatt came to animation after an education at the University of Texas (Austin) and a short, productive career in New York advertising.

TAG Interview with CH Greenblatt

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He began his sojourn in animation as a story artist on Spongebob Squarepants and has been a creative force in television animation ever since. The creator of the Cartoon Network hit Chowder, he is now set to launch Harvey Beaks at Nickelodeon. He spoke of his beginnings in animation ... and some of the creative high points since then ... on March 23rd.

"Beaks" in the throes of creation. ...

About his first series, Carl G. related this:

... When I first pitched the show [Chowder], the network was afraid that every episode would be about cooking a different recipe each week. I had to convince them that is was a show about people who cook, not cooking itself. Sort of like how ER is about the people who work in a hospital, not the ins and outs of being a doctor. The pilot was The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin. After that, I wrote Mahjongg Nite. It involves Chowder’s quest for mevilled eggs but it’s about him not being allowed in the kitchen. Then I wrote The Heavy Sleeper to show more of the city. These were all done before the show was even greenlit. ...

So now a new Greenblatt show is being launched, and Carl conducted a number of interviews last week in front of the rollout. We were lucky enough to be last in the cycle, and got to spend a generous amount of time with Harvey Beaks' proud father.

Hope you enjoy the result.


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