Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wartime Escapism

World War II versions.

... When you look back at the films that were incredibly popular during war years, an entirely different kind of movie experience regularly tops the bill. Some of the strongest pieces of sheer cinematic escapism were made during World War II. Strange, distant lands; the arms of an impossibly beautiful lover; songs and dances and the first bursts of bright, onscreen colour: here’s a look at some of the films that transported people to better places during the war. ...

There was Dumbo, there was The Black Swan, and there was this German offering ...

Der Fuehrer's answer to Disney, Weather-Beaten Melody:

I'd never heard of this flick before. It's almost hypnotically three-dimensional, yet at the same time, strangely crude. And why it shows up on a Den of Geek list of "Eight Great Escapist Fantasies," I have no idea.


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