Monday, March 23, 2015

Oncoming Home


... DreamWorks Animation and Fox predict a weekend opening in the mid-$30 million range [for Home] in the U.S, according to a Fox spokesman. The film could also benefit from the extended Easter weekend in early April. forecasts $26 million for the opening weekend in the U.S. “Home” has already collected $20.1 million internationally, according to Fox.

And yet, Deadline:

... Fox/DreamWorks’ animated fantasy film Home also ended the weekend with a better than anticipated gross, $20.1M, up $1M from its previous estimate. ...

While Rotten Tomatoes:

Fresh = 9; Rotten = 13; (41% unFresh ... but this will change.) ...

And Cartoon Brew notes:

... Home’s strongest market was the Cinderella-less United Kingdom where it opened in first place with $9.3 million. While that figure lags behind the UK wide-release of DreamWorks’s How to Train Your Dragon 2, which netted $13.3M in a weekend, it’s significantly better than Penguins of Madagascar, which had a soft $2.5M bow in the market last December. ...

It would be a good and useful thing if the picture opens above expectation in the U.S. and Canada. There was a time not long ago when almost every DWA feature opened north of $50 million in the States, and went rocketing on from there. (Domestic takes of less than $150 million were considered problems.)

Sadly, huge three-day openings are no longer a DreamWorks Animation birthright. If Home nudges up against $40 million (or higher) on Friday-Saturday-Sunday, it will undoubtedly be considered a triumph.


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