Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oncoming Box Office

Cinderella (the live actor version) looks like it's going to earn some cash.

Cinderella could dance past $65 million in its North American debut in a needed boost for the box office.

The $95 million movie is all but guaranteed to continue Disney's winning streak in turning its classic animated titles into live-action tentpoles. ...

And a few people wonder (and are even ticked) that Diz Co. keeps turning their animated features into live-action remakes.

Let them ear celluloid. Now you understand why Tim Burton is going to

... direct Disney's live-action Dumbo*. ...

I'm sure Disney wishes there were twice as many old, hand-drawn features to remake. I eagerly await the redo of Aristocats. Should be great.

* I'm so old I remember when DisneyToon Studios was developing a CG animated feature of the little elephant. With Joe Grant's blessing.


Stephen said...

Aristocats is one I'd almost be OK with given the original isn't that good (IMO). In fact, the live action version of 101 Dalmations is actually better than the animated one to me as well. So I'm not totally against remakes, but I want them to be good. Or at least different. Burton's Alice was at least different. It sucked, but it was different. If you're literally making the same movie like Gus van Sant's Psycho, that's stupid.

Steve Hulett said...

From accounts, Dumbo isn't going to be a shot-to-shot retread. Be hard to do since it's 64 minutes long.

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