Sunday, March 08, 2015

More Participants in Animation Biz?

This time it's a comics-related company not named Marvel.

Black Mask Studios does not have the name recognition of DC or Marvel Comics, but officials at the company hope that will soon change.

The publishing and media production company will unveil a series of YouTube channels devoted to comics on Monday, and release “Godkiller,” its first animated movie, this summer. Black Mask also is developing several television series and, of course, its comics.

The main YouTube channel, which will begin with five series, is intended to build a new audience for the comics and a showcase for better “motion comics,” which combine characteristics of print and animation. Black Mask has invested in voice actors to improve narration and directors to present and pace the comics. ...

Ultimately, [it's hoped that] Black Mask’s new endeavors will lead to something very old school: comic book sales.

Looking at Black Mask's YouTube channel on a Sunday night, it appears they have a ways to go to build their audience. (The YouTube vids are more comic ... of story reel from the 70s or 80s ... than 2015 animatic.)

But a story in the New York Times, that's a start.


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