Thursday, March 05, 2015

The League

What I know about multi-player on-line video games is minimal, but a family member likes them a lot, and pointed this Cinematic out to me. ...

It publicizes the latest iteration of a wildly popular CG game in old-fashioned, hand-drawn animation.

And the Cinematic is getting buzz. I particularly enjoyed this exchange on reddit about the video above:

Anyone know what Bard was actually trying to do?

He's being a dick. He's just fucking around playing Call of Duty, ignoring a whole village being slaughtered, until something worthy of his attention pops up.

This is probably accurate. If Bard intervenes it's to influence something in another dimension 10000 years ago. Bard's not healing you to save you - hes healing you because your great great great grandchild will lead a revolution in the distant future. ...

And so on.


Unknown said...

Why can't video games ever have story or character? Something beyond juvenile mayhem.

Steve Hulett said...

Because then they wouldn't be video games. They would be animated features.

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