Monday, March 16, 2015

Who's Working Where?

From time to time, we like to let people know what cartoon facilities here in the City of Angels are employing what numbers of animation staff.

So ... without further ado:


6 Point 2 --- 24

Bento Box --- 52

Cartoon Network --- 218

Disney TVA --- 263

DPS Film Roman --- 127

DreamWorks Anim --- 597

DreamWorks TV --- 232

Fox Animaiotn --- 90

Hasbro --- 49

Illumination Entrtnmnt --- 7

Marvel Animation --- 44

Nickelodeon --- 324

Paramnt-Animation --- 60

Rich Entertnmt --- 7

Rick & Morty --- 7

Robin Red Breast --- 108

Six Point 2 --- 24

Sony Pix Anim --- 57

Walt Disney Anim Studio --- 530

Universal --- 23

Hasbro --- 41

Warner Animation Group --- 25

Warners TV Anim --- 186

Wild Canary --- 32 ...

You're probably wondering what all those names and numbers up above are about; we're happy to tell you.

Signator studios send TAG employment/layoff slips informing us who they've hired and who they've laid off. This includes free-lance (out of studio) workers and in-house staff.

But signator studios, good citizens though they are, sometimes fall behind in the slip sending, so please understand that employment numbers are always in a wee bit of flux. (Some shows are ramping up, some shows are ramping down. Etc., etc. It's the nature of the entertainment biz.)

We have bold-faced studios that are employing artists, writers and technicians in the triple digits. If you see a particular studio and your reaction is: "Wait a minute! Company A just laid off a bunch of people! I read about it! They still employ that many folks?!"

Yeah, they employ that many folks. Because 1) they're a big organization (still) and 2) many employees remain on payroll for an additional X number of weeks or months after leaving company premises. (Some of them might not be working in a corporate office or cubicle anymore, but they're still employed.)

Any questions? ...


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