Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hans Bacher posted this tidbit on his blog.

beauty+beast london 1989 A from hans bacher on Vimeo.

Copyright Disney Enterprises, inc.

As Mr. Bacher says:

... I chose a 6 1/2 min short compilation from my 5 hour video documentary during the DISNEY BEAUTY AND THE BEAST storyreel development time in london and the research trip to the loire in france. it happened during august 1989 in the PURDUM animation studio in london. you might recognize in the order of appearance – myself, MEL SHAW, JEAN GILMORE, DEREK GOGOL, TOM SITO, GLEN+LINDA+CLAIRE KEANE. at the party – DON HAHN, ANDREAS DEJA, DICK+JILL PURDUM, MEL SHAW and wife FLORENCE. I included a short clip of the finished story-reel in color. ...

In case you're unfamiliar with "Beauty and the Beast's" production development, it moved along the way animated features often do: The picture started with one director -- in this case English animation director Richard Purdum -- and one story, then ended up with other directors and a considerably altered storyline.

Pay attention to the end of the video. The story reel fragment is way different from the finished movie.


Unknown said...

Interesting. Thank goodness they brought it back to L.A. That clip looked stodgy and decidedly un-entertaining. And it certainly wouldn't have looked as good had they not produced it with the crew in Los Angeles.

Unknown said...

The whole story reel, as it was at the time, is on the home video as a bonus feature. It doesn't get any better or more engaging than what's in this clip, in my opinion. It is no wonder that drastic measures were taken, and at least in this case I'm glad that they were. Not to open that can of worms....

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