Tuesday, March 24, 2015

President Foster recommends ..

I received word from retired Guild President Bob Foster today asking to share this tidbit with you. So, from the land of blissful retirement:

A Recommendation From Bob Foster -

Attention writers, storytellers, artists and people who like to laugh -

Over a year ago I discovered Instaplay at The Fanatic Salon in Culver City and haven't missed a performance since. Instaplay is an improvised musical created by a group of writers and performers who are brilliant. Even though I'm now living in Oregon, I was going to fly down for their next show. That's how great I think they are. Unfortunately something has come up and I won't be able to make it this time. But you can go in my place. In fact, I wish you would.

Instaplay is a brilliant example of improvised humor, story and music created by some of the best in the business. Bill Steinkellner, Jonathan Stark, George McGrath, Deanna Oliver, Navaris Darson, Cheri Steinkellner, Mari Falcone and John Boswell have been doing this for many years and they're extremely good at it. Check out their credentials on Google or IMDb.

The way it works is this: They take about ten title suggestions from the audience, the audience votes for the one they like best and the winning title is the basis for an improvised musical created right then and there. They'll create a storyline with a beginning, middle and end, amazing music and songs, wonderful characters, and so much laughter your cheeks will ache and you'll have a hard time seeing the show because your eyes will be filled with tears from laughing so much.

If you go, plan on finding a place to eat in the neighborhood, go early, get to the 53-seat theater by 7:30 pm, doors open at 7:40 pm, show starts at 8:00 pm. Here's what you need to know to get tickets:


Let me know how it was.

- Bob Foster


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