Sunday, March 13, 2016

About "Zootopia"

Terrific movie. New worlds are created. We care about the characters. The mystery is satisfyingly twisty and the setups pay off. Plus it's a movie that actually has a philosophical point to make, and makes it well.

But a credit at the end bothered me.

An end-credit, way out at the further reaches of the crawl, states: "Made by Walt Disney Animation Studio in Burbank, California (or something like).

But actually Zootopia wasn't made in Burbank. Certainly not all of it. And probably not most of it.

The picture was made in North Hollywood, California, out on Tujunga Avenue, in a large sprawling two-story building owned by Diz Co., a mile from the main runway of Bob Hope/Burbank Airport. This is where a lot of the WDAS staffers work while the Hat Building on Riverside Drive (Burbank!) is renovated.

Tujunga Avenue, which is referenced in Zootopia, is definitely, definitively in North Hollywood, which is part of Los Angeles, not Burbank.

Just thought I would mention that.


Adam Martinez said...

Huh. I didn't know Disney outsourced for this movie.

Steve Hulett said...

They outsourced to themselves. Over city lines.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Still, it's not a big stretch of a lie like say, outsourcing outside the LA area, let alone the state, even the country, so I'll let it pass (the "Production Babies" is still a credit I can't quite get over myself).

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