Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Series Renewals

Now with sorrowful, not-so-great-news Add On.

Cartoon Network re-ups some shows.

Cartoon Network can’t get enough of humanoid aliens or flying tigers that leave rainbow vapor trails. The cable net said today that it has ordered fifth seasons of its popular toons Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa.

Both series debuted in 2013 and hail from Cartoon Network Studios’ homegrown shorts development initiative. ...

The trend for both television and theatrical animation has been, if you hadn't noticed, an upward trajectory.

Cable animation has been doing well, theatrical feature animation has been setting records, and Netflix, Amazon and other New Media platforms now sink hundreds of millions into animated product because theyve discovered it pays off like gangbusters.

Five years ago the cartoon business was doing okay, but nothing like it is now. Netflix's entry into the kids' section of the TV marketplace has made a big difference. Let's hear it for binge viewing.

Add On: TAG blog was told by a CN staffer this afternoon that no, Uncle Grandpa is NOT being picked up, that Cartoon Network just sent out a press release saying there was a 4th and 5th season. (When, in reality, the company had just relabeled shows already in the pipeline as "Season 4" and "Season 5". Slick, huh?)

A show supe told the sad news of the show's soon-to-be end to the crew, and the crew was not pleased. Also too, management (allegedly) was not pleased that the supe had spilled the beans.


goodboi said...

Wow, this is a really sad year for animation. Wander Over Yonder and Uncle G got cancelled within a month apart plus Gravity Falls ended. If they cancel Steven Universe I'll have barely anything left to watch. Did they cancel Steven too?

Jonathan Wilson said...

Nope. Steven is safe.

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