Monday, March 28, 2016

The Animation Guild Golden Awards Interview #18 --Lillian Friedman Astor

The animation industry's first woman animator talks about how she got into the industry, how much she enjoyed being in it, and why she got out.

(Two words describe the reason she departed the business: Big. Otry). ...

Lillian Friedman Astor was born April 12, 1912 and passed away July 16, 1989, tow years after the interview.

Harvey Deneroff (and others) write more about Ms. Astor here.


Unknown said...

Astor's youngest daughter, Dani, informed me that her mother "died on July 16, 1989. I have her last calendar, and she polished silver on July 9."

Steve Hulett said...

The date is now corrected (along with some spelling).

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