Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Storyboard Conversation on "Brew"

A couple of days ago, Cartoon Brew put up a post linked to "Storyboard Deadlines ... Storyboard Timelines". The back and forth has been lively.

My drawing arm was destroyed working on a 4 week TV schedule. I'be been on leave for almost two years because of it!! Maybe they got their episode in on time and under budget. But they have jeopardized my entire career in the process. Producers need to value their artists over their deadlines! ...

Today storyboard artists are creating complete animatics for the show. They are also slugging the voices for characters not yet recorded. An animator isn't handed an x-sheet with timing but rather a quicktime movie they have to follow.
They've taken several jobs and combined them into one. ...

The big issue here is NOT that board artists now do animatics at a variety of studios, but that there is no time built in for the new job in the schedule.

The issue here isn't that animatics work is now part of the job description, but that board artists don't get paid for the animatics work. The expectation is that they just squeeze this extra task into the same four or five week schedule without asking for extra compensation. Because (don't you know) "We can't change the schedule, and we don't have any money in the budget for overtime!"

(Don't tell anybody, but the "no money in the budget" declaration is actually a non-sequitor, because the studio has already agreed to pay overtime where warranted, but Oh Well. ...)


Tom Ruegger said...

This is EXACTLY what is going on. The demands on the board artists are endless.

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