Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Son of "Fritz"

SO this has been going up in the usual places; as an internet connoisseur remarked: "This is fantastic. It's a fcked up "Toy Story" movie, but with food".

There aren't a lot of R-rated animated features, but there's a reason for that.

They don't make much Mo. Ney.

Cash is the name of the game here. The last adult feature, Anomalisa, had a domestic gross of $2,658,258 on an $8 million budget. You're not going to get a lot of big-name entertainment conglomerates beating a path to your door with numbers like that, no matter how many Oscar nominations you pull down.

Having said that, if Sausage Party is as funny and compelling as the tweets here indicate it is, there's probably a market for a raunchy Toy Story starring an array of munchies. Even so, the ceiling on a picture like this is no doubt lower than, say, Zootopia.

That being the case, the production model has got to be simpler and less expensive. Keep the designs and models less ornate. Streamline the production pipeline. And produce the picture in a locale where the locals are giving away Free Money.

All these things seem to be in play with Sausage Party, and if audiences respond to it, and the budget is reasonable, it could pull down some tidy profits.

Add On: The Wrap makes the comparison to the Bakshi cartoon here.


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