Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The Global TV Revolution

A DWA exec sees plenty of rainbows and lollipops in the way the worldwide television business is shaping up.

... The global TV industry [has been powered] into a new ‘golden age’, according to Eric Ellenbogen, the Co-Head of International TV & DreamWorks Classics, DreamWorks Animation.

“Today’s TV programming features the biggest stars in the entertainment industry,” said Ellenbogen during a keynote speech at the CABSAT Content Congress – a holistic, state-of-the-industry dissection presented by CABSAT, NAB Show and the former’s new Content Marketplace offering.

“TV is no longer a second-class medium, there are huge budgets and beautiful productions – we are in a new golden age and TV is thriving. The sky is not falling, the future is bright.”

With traditional or linear television channels’ historical dominance under increasing threat as global viewers turn towards the more flexible IPTV and OTT content streamed directly to handheld devices, game consoles and Smart TVs connected to broadband – models, Ellenbogen insists the entire television industry and, ultimately, viewers, will reap the benefits.

“Audiences want what they want, when they want it and on whichever device or platform they want it. ..."

DreamWorks Animation, of course, has no big, ultra-lucrative cash cows to defend in this Brave New World of content distribution. Diz Co. has a huge stake in the status quo. The linear cable channel EXPN has been massively profitable over a lot of years, and to see it unraveling must be painful for the Mouse.

But technologies and delivery methods morph and change as they will. Big companies that have stakes in The Way Things Used To Be often fight rear guard actions. And companies that have nothing to lose march into the future. DreamWorks hasn't had a problem pioneering Subscription Video On Demand because they had minimal investments in cable and broadcast platforms.


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