Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Let's Surf Again ....

... like we did when Chris Buck was a co-director (with Ash Brannon) of the well-reviewed but under-loved original surfing picture with penguins.

– Sony Pictures Animation and WWE Studios announced today an animated sequel to Surf’s Up, the 2007 Academy Award® nominated action-comedy about surfing penguins. The companies are co-financing and producing the movie which is expected to release in 2017, in time for the original films’ 10th anniversary. Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania will be distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment with WWE Studios providing marketing support. ...

Surfing penguins and wrestlers? Makes total sense to me.

Henry Yu (story artist on Sym-Bionic Titan and both Hotel Transylvanias) makes his directorial debut on Surf'sw Up II, which is produced by Michelle Wong (production manager on Hotel Transylvania 2) and features computer animation from Rainmaker Entertainment Inc.

We don't know the specific division of production duties and responsibilities on this movie, but the odds are good that a large chunk of it will be done in Canada, where the Free Money roams.


Grant said...

Geez, wasn't the first one a big enough flop? I guess at least it didn't lose as much money as that flop rango.

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