Sunday, March 20, 2016

"The Chronicles" Rebooted

Oh my.

Disney has acquired movie rights to the fantasy series “The Chronicles of Prydain” and is in early development on the project, Variety has learned.

The five novels by Lloyd Alexander, based on Welsh mythology, were published annually from 1964 to 1968 and followed the protagonist Taran from youth to maturity. He’s an assistant pig-keeper but initially dreams of being a grand hero. ...

I spent two years of my life working on the animated version ... with nothing to show for it since I was thrown off the picture, along with people more talented than I am.

So apparently Diz Co. is on to something new.

The company is not only remaking animated hits, but it's trying its hand at redoing animated flops. (Who knows? The corporate brainwave might bear fruit.)


Unknown said...

Fun books. Disney wasn't ready to do it justice in the 1980s. Maybe now?

Until then, I'm looking forward to the upcoming remake of "The Devil and Max Devlin," with Bill Cosby. The original was a snooze-fest, even WITHOUT roofies.

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