Monday, March 21, 2016

The Animation Guild Golden Award Interviews #17 -- Tom Ray and Lloyd Vaughan

Animation veteran Tom Ray was considered one of the industry's top animators for years, sliding over to the director's chair during his later career. He came into the cartoon biz in 1937, and worked at the craft well into his eighties.

Tom was active in the Animation Guild for a number of years, serving as an Executive Board member for multiple terms. He passed away in 2010 at the ripe old age of 90. ...

Lloyd Vaughan came into Cartoonland mere months before Mr. Ray, and traced a similar trajectory as he moved from the Schlesinger studio to other companies. Lloyd opened up his own shop in the 1950s, concentrating on animated commercials. But he was back in harness at larger studios in the seventies and eighties, working on Peanuts specials, Garfields and Pink Panthers.

His love of the industry shines through in this short interview, as he ends with:

"Where else could you do something you love, working with master craftsman? ... I started in the business at $6 a week, and today I'm making three and four times that." ...

Mr. Vaughan passed away the year following this interview at age 78.


bakerstoryboards said...

Would like to ask what year this was recorded?
My first job in animation was at Warners in the early 90's. Had the pleasure of carpooling with Tom to work from Culver City. Genuine good guy and knew so much about the industry. Thanks for posting Steve-

Steve Hulett said...

The year this was recorded was 1987. And Tom Ray was indeed a good guy.

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