Thursday, March 31, 2016

Settlement Sought

Deadline tells us:

Over a year and a half after a former DreamWorks Animation visual effects artist kicked off a potential class action suit against Sony, DWA, Pixar, LucasFilm, Disney and others over wage-fixing and anti-poaching allegations, Fox owned Blue Sky Studios has today thrown in the legal towel and is seeking a settlement.

“The Court should preliminarily approve the proposed settlement as fair, reasonable and adequate because it provides for the class A cash payment of $5,950,000 and cooperation from Blue Sky,” said a filing Thursday in federal court in Northern California concerning The Peanuts Movie studio (read it here).“That amount is approximately 25 percent of plaintiffs’ expert’s calculation of the damages attributable to Blue Sky employees in the class.” ...

From time to time TAG is asked: So what's the Guild's involvement in this wage cllusion case?"

Our answer is that we put the word out about it, had a lawyer come down to a membership meeting when the issue began percolating in the public prints, and we referred a number of artists and members to the bay area law firm that was involved early on with possible litigation but ultimately chose not to pursue a lawsuit.

I was deposed by the law firm of our fine, entertainment conglomerates regarding the case. I didn't have much to offer beyond what I relate directly above. But I do enjoy driving over the Hollywood hills to Century City during rush hour, so the morning wasn't a total loss.

But I hope, after all the greenbacks flutter back to earth, that justice ... such as it is in our jolly, corporatist state, ... is served.


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