Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The 200th

So American Dad reaches 200 episodes, with a goal of at least sixty more.

... “American Dad” evolved away from its more political origins, vis-a-vis Stan’s right-wing leanings. “That had its place but it also got a little boring,” Weitzman says, acknowledging the realities of the long lead time required to produce an animated series. “You’re writing a show that will air in a year, (and by then a political joke) has no relevance whatsoever. We learned to do evergreen kinds of stories about family.”

The biggest change over the show’s run was its move from Fox to TBS in 2014, which allowed for more leeway with language.

“Two ‘sh–s’ and an ‘a——’” became the new mantra in the TBS era, Boyle says. ...

The Fox Animation crew was quite happy when TBS stepped in to pick up AD, because Fox was dropping it and the show needed someplace to go. As more than one Dad artist has said to me:

"If the show goes another five years, we'll be delighted." ...

When you get to work steadily on a show that runs 250 or 300 episodes, you're in tall clover.


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