Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Expanding a Franchise

A fine entertainment journal tells us ...

Not content with its upcoming all-female revival, [Sony Pictures has] been quietly developing a Ghostbusters animated movie via its Sony Pictures Animation, and that project has taken one step closer to reality.

Fletcher Moules, the rising animator and helmer behind the hugely popular animated Clash of Clans commercial spots, has signed on to direct the movie.

Ivan Reitman, co-creator of Ghostbusters and one of the stewards of the franchise, would act as one of the producers. ...

I'm not sure the world is waiting breathlessly for a new Ghostbusters movie, let alone a cartoon version. But it's not like Sony is awash in franchise opportunities. A studio does have to take its blockbusters where it can find them.

That being said, I always found the original Ghostbusters to be one of the major hoots of the 1980s.


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