Friday, June 28, 2013

At the Diz

I spent a large part of the afternoon at the Hat Building on Riverside Drive (Burbank edition). I got to see some impressive scenes from Frozen; it's going to be one fine-looking movie, and the characters in the snippets I saw look compelling. A staffer on the Hat's first floor said:

The last screening of the picture, everything was working well. It's like happened with Thangled, they're adding some nice action sequences, and they're fleshing out character development, adding some connective tissue that helps.

After July 4th, we're going to be pressing the pedal to the metal around here and working longer hours and more days to get Frozen finished. We haven't been working six days yet, but that's going to change after the 4th. ...

I'm told that Big Hero Six is still in story work (with production to start in a couple of months.). And Ron and John's project will soon be having a table read*.

I'm told.

* Table reads are a group of folks reading a script around a table to get the flow and tempo of the story. There, now I've let the cat out of the bag.


Unknown said...

How far do you think trend in using CGI in animated features will last? Most television cartoons I know of are still hand drawn to some extent.

Companies like News Corp and Time Warner are to be loathed for many reasons, but much of the adult animation I've seen from them isn't CGI either. I'm also wary of Viacom and all these other big media conglomerates.

Anonymous said...

Is Ron and John's project still planned as a 2D/CG hybrid or will it be in just regular CG?

Steve Hulett said...

Haven't talked to them of late, so I don't know. Last I heard, it was going to LOOK like all-CG with hand-drawn elements under some of the CG.

I think the all hand-drawn feature at Walt Disney ANimation Studios is currently ka-poot.

Anonymous said...

From the footage you've seen, does it look at all like Paperman?

Unknown said...

Have you seen any character designs for Big Hero 6 yet?

Steve Hulett said...

I've seen production design stuff and it looks terrific (for both the R & J project, and "Big Hero Six.") Beyond that, I will say nothing.

The footage I saw for the R & J project was a loong time ago, and has likely changed. (Animators and finalers show me stuff.)

But I'm not here to be Jim Hill. Go see the pictures when they come out. Disney will thank you, and will then go make another one. And then I'll thank you.

Grant said...

If they want to go hand drawn, let's hope it's not paperman style---too expensive and time consuming.

I don't think anyone really cares if Disney makes another hand drawn feature ever again. Just a handful of animators--that's all.

The VAST majority of people just want them to make GOOD MOVIES.

Steve Hulett said...

Yup. Here's to good movies.

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