Thursday, June 06, 2013

Australian Subject

DreamWorks draws on the Land Down Under.

DreamWorks Animation is turning to the Australian outback for inspiration for its first full-on animated musical.

The Glendale-based studio said it had tapped award-winning composer, actor and writer Tim Minchin to help create a musical project called "Larrikins," which is Australian slang for mischievous youth.

The all-animal comedy, based on an original idea written by Harry Cripps ("Supernova") and produced by Christina Steinberg ("Rise of the Guardians," "National Treasure"), tells the story of an uptight bilby ...

This will be the second animated foray to Australia for Mr. Katzenberg. Twenty-odd years ago, he put the first full-length animated sequel into work. It was entitled The Rescuers Down Under, released between the better-remembered Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

The only other animated feature set in Australia that immediately comes to mind is Fern Gully, but there are probably others. Best of luck to DWA with the new project.


Matthew Koh said...

Dreamworks is making an animated musical?

When was the last time they did?

Steve Hulett said...

"Prince of Egypt" had songs (can't remember how many), but DWA hasn't made musicals in the way that Disney Feature Animation in the late eighties to mid-nineties had songs.

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