Sunday, June 02, 2013

Cross Adventuring

The Hub's latest ...

The first episode of “SheZow” has hit ... and besides the fact that there appears to be a lot of pink and some very strong stereotypes regarding girls and boys going on, the show can definitely be said not to be about a boy who has any gender confusion ...

Others differ:

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, along comes an announcement from The Hub, a low-rated cable TV channel that is attempting to increase its audience of children between 2 years old and age 11 by airing a cartoon featuring a boy who gains super powers by wearing a special ring -- and dressing as a girl.

“SheZow” has had its share of ups and downs. The series began as a “One Episode Wonder” on “Shorty McShort's Shorts” and drew such high ratings it became an animated series.

However, in order to air the series in the United States, the catch phrase had to be changed from “SheZow happens!” to “You go, girl!”

Despite the strange, bizarre premise, Loesch is maintaining a positive attitude about the series, speculating that if “SheZow” is a hit, the channel and its toy partner Hasbro can start merchandising her white go-go boots and her ring.

Small wonder that the moral fibre of this Great Land is rotting at the core. First inter-racial marriages, then same-sex marriages, and now THIS.

My only question is, where will it end? Wives earning more money than their HUSBANDS?


Unknown said...

The show does have a strange premise, I must admit. However, I would much rather see this than a standard show light on originality.

On a side note, have you heard anything about the new Sabrina show, which is supposed to debut on the Hub later this year, ( unless it has been delayed... again.) ?

Steve Hulett said...

Haven't heard a word. But then, I get around so little.

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