Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lucasfilm Animated Feature

The long-form cartoon started at LF before the Disney merger continues:

... Brenda Chapman revealed she’s completed work on an animated feature at Lucasfilm which is now being directed by multiple Oscar-winning sound man and Pixar director Gary Rydstrom.

The news came from an interview Chapman did with Animation Magazine, via Bleeding Cool. Last year, news broke Chapman was now consulting at Lucasfilm but it seems, since Disney took over, the project is still progressing, adding a director:

I have been working on a project with Lucas for quite some time — about six months. When Lucasfilm was handed over to Kathleen Kennedy, she asked me to consult on the film to help solve its story problems. It was an opportunity for me to work with her. I felt honored to be asked by her, after what happened at Pixar. DreamWorks was very generous to me in postponing my start date with them so that I could work with Kathleen, also. My work on the project is done. My good friend, Gary Rydstrom, is directing it now. ...

We know some of the folks working on this project, but little about the project itself. We're told it's pretty much a one-off, as Disney probably doesn't need four* feature animation studios in its future.

* The other three? Pixar (Monsters U.), Walt Disney Animation Studios (Frozen), and DisneyToons Studios (Planes).


Anonymous said...

Is this the one about fairies or a different project?

If it turns out to be very successful, maybe it won't be a one-off.

Liam'sWorld said...

That movie, I think, is being directed by Dave Filoni.

Liam'sWorld said...

CORRECTION: The Lucasfilm fairy movie is being directed by Kevin Munroe:

Unknown said...

I am wondering if this is a Star Wars-related project. I hope it isn't as there are multiple projects (both live and animated) in the Star Wars universe as we speak.

I am also a bit surprised to hear that Chapman is not directing either.

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