Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Mickey, Old Mickey

There's a variety of Mickey Mouses rolling down Diz Co.'s various assembly lines:

... A new short-form series of 2-D, old-school Mickey Mouse cartoons debuts on Disney Channel on Friday, June 28 at 8:30 p.m. with two more episodes following consecutively on Saturday, June 29, and Sunday, June 30.

Disney touts this version as a throwback, bold design, much like the classic 1930s Mickey, with backgrounds in a 1950s/60s style. And according to Disney, true fans will be able to find hidden icons from other Disney classics in the cartoons as well.

I've seen a couple of the Disney TVA produced shorts, and they are good fun: minimal dialogue, and an abundance of sight gags. The styling of the shorts is somewhere between 1930s Mickey and Cartoon Network Mickey ... if there was such an animal.

But TV Animation isn't the only Diz Co. division with Mickey Mouse in its pipeline. Walt Disney Animation Studios (the company's Burbank feature division, if your keeping track at home) has more than one Mickey Mouse project in work, plus there is New Media!:

Disney Interactive said today that it would release Where’s My Mickey? on Thursday, June 20, the latest entry in the puzzle series that began with Where’s My Water? in 2011. It will release the game simultaneously on iOS, Android, and Windows tablets and PCs. The game’s eye-catching art will be based on the new series of Mickey Mouse shorts that Disney announced in March; more of these new cartoons will debut on the Disney Channel at the end of this month.

By my count, there are three different Disney divisions producing/working on Mickey projects. But it's about time they got things moving with the Corporate Icon. He should be more than just a period cartoon character.


Matthew Koh said...

Well, this proves that they still haven't forget that it all started by a mouse.

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