Saturday, June 08, 2013

June Box Office

A cheap fright fest is off like a rocket.

Universal’s ultra-low budget home-invasion thriller “The Purge” powered to a scary-good $16.7 million in its debut Friday and is heading for a $35 million first weekend.

That would mean the studio’s first movie to come out of its deal with “Paranormal Activity” producer Jason Blum will make more than 10 times its $3 million production budget – in its first three days. It’s doing it at just 2,536 theaters, while most of the other films are in at least 3,000. ...

And the scorecard to date?


1) THE PURGE -- $16,700,000

2) THE INTERNSHIP -- $6,550,000

3) FAST & FURIOUS 6 -- $6,100,000 ($198,286,000)

4) NOW YOU SEE ME a-- $6,045,000 ($47,919,000)

5) EPIC -- $3,600,000 ($75,655,000)

(Epic opened $10 million below The Croods' opening weekend ($33 million to $43 million), and continues to track behind the cave family picture.)


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