Monday, June 10, 2013

Jeffrey K. Speaks

In China. About China.

... We’re working together to build a company that takes full advantage of the combined strengths of China’s tremendous artistic and technological talent and our experience as storytellers in the film medium. ...

I see the partnership between DWA and Oriental DreamWorks in action when I walk through the Glendale campus, things like story development.

No, I don't think this means all the work will be going to China. But there's going to be work coming out of China. Count on it.


Dave Rand said...

Bingo. -->Chinawood Maplewood Kiwiwood Englishwood Ballywood Ozwood....Greenscreens are the easy part. Who's your Daddy now?

Unknown said...

One of these "woods" is not like the other. Why is jeffery towing the commie line? Why is he bowing to communists?

Steve Hulett said...

For the same reason that most big American conglomerates suck up to our Beijing overlords. For the same reasons that many politicians now keep their mouths shut.


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