Sunday, June 23, 2013

South African Viewpoint

One CG generalist's view from the cape.

... The global recession is hitting Europe (and in turn South Africa) hard.

'Emerging' industries like India and China are challenging established municipalities and, with the knock on effect of such technical sectors, the ripples extend outwards into greater economic effect, affecting the larger balance of 'power'.

Technology is ever-changing. Off-the-shelf software solutions result in more high-end animation and visual-effects becoming easily available to content producers. Smaller studios are doing great work and freelancers are finding it a frenetic time.

Africa, in particular Kenya, is becoming more attractive to foreign IT and technology investment. IBM recently set up Africa's first research lab in that country. ...

Some things however have not changed.

Skilled artist are still the most sought after commodity in the industry.
Audiences still demand great entertainment.

Perhaps most pertinent, artists still consider career satisfaction a priority.

Locally, South Africa has a lot going for it. Our industry, although very small, is very fluid. Artists can, with perseverance and hard work, rise very quickly to become senior artists. ...

I don't agree with Bradley Stillwell's observation that unions are an industry negative and a hindrance to progress. (I would submit that paying crap wages isn't to anyone's long-term self-interest. But maybe I have a skewed perspective.)

But Mr. Stillwell makes the case that CG production can be done (and IS done) everywhere. And that the biz is global, not local. (But we kind of knew that, didn't we?)


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