Saturday, June 22, 2013

Your Weekend Box Office

For animation, the turnstiles whir merrily:

Brad Pitt’s zombie thriller “World War Z” blew past expectations with nearly $25 million on its first day at the box office Friday, and is heading for a $65 million opening weekend. But that won’t be enough for the top spot.

Disney’s “Monsters University” is doing better than expected as well. The 3D animated family movie is on pace for an opening weekend north of $75 million, after debuting with an estimated $30 million Friday. That would make it the 14th consecutive Pixar film to open at No. 1 ...

Apparently, animated features have not yet worn out there welcome. ...

Friday Box Office (Total Accumulation)

1) MONSTERS UNIVERSITY -- $30,507,000

2) WORLD WAR Z -- $25,000,000

3) MAN OF STEEL -- $12,700,000 -- ($181,491,000)

4) THIS IS THE END -- $4,100,000 -- ($48,892,000)

5) NOW YOU SEE ME -- $2,450,000 -- ($89,031,000)

Add On: Epic drops out of the Top Ten, even as it ticks over $100 million. The Croods (further down the list) earns $485,000 for a domestic total of $183,548,000.


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