Saturday, June 01, 2013

From Roto to Astaire

This is a loong career.

After being immortalized as Snow White and, later, the Blue Fairy in “Pinocchio” and the Dancing Hippo in “Fantasia,” Marge Champion quickly moved on from being an animator’s model to an enviable performing career encompassing stage, screen and television work. That legacy will be on full display June 3, when Champion receives the Douglas Watt Lifetime Achievement Award at the Fred & Adele Astaire Awards in New York. ...

Before she was one half of the dance team of "Marge and Gower Champion" (and married to Mr. Champion) she was the teenaged Marjorie Celeste Belcher and then ... Mrs. Art Babbit. Decades later, she was stepmother to actress Katey (Futurama) Sagal.

Our congratulations on the Lifetime Achievement Award.


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