Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Eva Schneider, RIP

Years back, we posted this Eva Schneider caricature by John Sparey. (At the time of the caricature -- 1954 -- Eva was a Disney assistant. The other person there is Wes Herschensohn, another 1950s Disney artist.)

Eva departed the industry in 1981, and we wondered where she had disappeared to. We were quickly enlightened:

Eva Schneider is alive and well.

After Eva retired from a long career in animation, she moved to --(can you guess?) New Orleans.

Refusing to leave, Eva Schneider rode out the storm and survived hurricane Katrina. A photo of Eva and her dog appeared in Vanity Fair magazine some months ago.

-- Floyd Norman, September 19, 2006 ...

(Floyd wrote more about Eva here.)

Then, two and a half years later, there was this:

[Eva] lives in a neighborhood call the Faubourg Marigny - just a stones throw from the French Quarter.

She has a new dog now, and walks to the store every day. ...

Then, yesterday, we received this:

Eva Schneider has lived in a living center in New Orleans for the past 4 years. I was not her care giver but from the first time I spoke to her, I found her most interesting and loved her from that day.

I wanted to say she has been a blessing to me and an inspiration. She passed this Fathers' Day, 6/16/13 @ 3:45 AM. During her stay, she told me many stories of Walt Disney and her time spent there. She also told me stories of her time when she traveled with the circus.

Before she passed, I printed everything and anything I could find on Eva and Thursday last week, we started to read all the articles. Eva would fill in what the articles missed. I knew her time was growing very short, so I spent as much as I could with her. She was a very amazing and strong woman! I will miss her much.

Rest in Peace, Eva. You were one of the trail blazers for women in animation, and you won't be forgotten.


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