Monday, June 03, 2013

Motion Picture Pension and IAP Plan Statements

*Now with Freshly Minted Add-On!!

If you're an active member of the Animation Guild, you should be getting your pension statement from the MPIPHP (Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plan) right about now ...

The earnings statements contain:

1) Total Qualified Pension Years (Defined Benefit Plan and Defined Contribution Plan)

2) Total Credited Hours

3) Total Accrued Monthly Life Annuity Benefit at Normal Retirement Age

4) Individual Account Plan (Defined Contribution Plan) through December 2012

The numbers participants should check are ALL of the above. And "Normal Retirement Age" is 65.

Broken down, seven billion dollars (and change) in the two pension plans below were invested in the following jams and jellies:

Defined Benefit Plan (Monthly Annuity)

U.S. Equities -- 10%
International Equities -- 20.5%

Fixed Income -- 29.1%

Alternative Investments -- 33.6%
Real Estate -- 6.8%

Individual Account Plan (Defined Contribution -- Lump Sum)

U.S. Equities -- 9.6%
International Equities -- 14.7%

Fixed Income -- 35.8%

Alternative Investments -- 35.2%
Real Estate -- 4.7%

The Defined Benefit Plan has been around since 1953. The Individual Account Plan came into existence in 1979. Both have a good chunk of change in them. (For more information about the Motion Picture Industry Pension Plans, go here.)

* Add On:
Steve Kaplan presented a breakdown of the MPI Pension statements last year in this post. It may be helpful for you to review for your clarification.


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