Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Time Again For The Wage Survey

Yesterday we mailed the 2013 edition of the questionnaire for the Guild’s wage survey — our check of where rates of pay have been ... and where they’re going. Read it over, complete it and return it to us, by mail or online.

You’ll find last year’s results online here.

The wage survey questionnaire is also available online at To fill out the online questionnaire, enter your name, home e-mail address and the last four digits of your SSN. This will only be used to ensure that all respondents are members and that there are no duplicates; your name will not be attached to or associated with your online answers. To ensure absolute anonymity, return the enclosed questionnaire in paper form. The data will be processed the same regardless of how it was submitted.

It takes less than five minutes to complete the questionnaire. Please return it to us in the postage-paid return envelope by July 26. (Important: Use the return envelope for this survey only, and not for payments, etc.) The results will be published in The Peg-Board, on our website, on the [tag839] e-mail list and here on the TAG Blog.

It’s important that everyone — writers, artists and technicians, traditional animation and CGI, employed or unemployed -- give us accurate statistics of wages in the business. Low participation results in inaccurate or misleading results.

We’re especially interested in increasing the survey participation of animation writers and freelancers, also those who may be working non-union. If you’re currently unemployed or not working in animation or visual effects, please give us information about your most recent animation job.

Under Section 232 of the California Labor Code, you have the absolute right to share wage information without employer discipline or discrimination.

Remember: This is information that the producers know already. By participating in this survey, you allow yourself and your fellow Guild members to negotiate with employers on a more equal footing.


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