Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The TAG Interview: A Brief History of CGI -- Part II

TAG Interview with Tom Sito - 2

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Tom Sito guides us through CGI's halting start (and all the stumbles that occurred along the way) ... all the way up to its dynamic present. ...

... Cornell University established its Department of Computer Science in 1965. It trained many who would figure prominently in CG, like Michael Wahrman, Marc Levoy and RIchard Weinberg. In the lat 1980s Levoy and Weinberg did research into digital paint ...

At Ohio State University Charles Csuri was an abstract expressionist painter who had been intrigued by computers since the mid-1950s. "I became confident that (CG) animation can become a new kind of art form," he recalled. He began to utilize the university's resources to create art on a computer in 1965. ... In 1967 Csuri created the groundbreaking film Hummingbird. The film is considered one of the landmarks of CG, because it is the first time someone attempted to move a living thing rather than geometric shapes. ...

--Tom Sito, Moving Innovation, pp. 57-58.

(This is Part I of the video version of Tom's CG talk, and Part II of the audio version. Confusing, isn't it?)


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