Sunday, June 16, 2013


... who's building a new animation empire? The Washington Post gushes.

... [Nick Weidenfeld] may even be the boy genius of cartoons, having served as head of development for Adult Swim, which is Cartoon Network’s late-night block of irreverent programming.

Now he presides over a 120-person Los Angeles animation studio that Fox built just for him.

His mission: to wrest the coveted 18-to-34-year-old-male-spendthrift demographic from DVDs, YouTube, the Internet and NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” — the altar at which comedy lovers worship.

He is building an “animation block” of Saturday-night television and Internet programming that he has dubbed “ADHD,” for “Animation Domination High-Def.” ADHD will debut this summer with its own edgy content. ...

The question is, will he pay the artists decently?

Not so far, but maybe TAG can get him to sign a guild contract. Be a step in the right direction.


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