Friday, October 18, 2013

Another Network Jumps In

At last a broadcaster other than Fox dips its toe into animation.

NBC is renewing its efforts to bring animation back to its comedy lineup. The network has given a presentation order to Mystery Island, an animated comedy voiced and co-written by The Office alum Ed Helms. Helms has teamed on the project with former Office writer-producer Graham Wagner. The duo, who met on the long-running NBC workplace comedy, are co-writing Mystery Island — set on an island where holidaymakers get marooned after their cruise ship malfunctions — for Universal TV where Helms’ newly launched company Pacific Electric Picture Co. has a first-look deal. The two executive produce with Pacific Electric Picture EVP Michael Falbo. This marks the second sale for both Wagner and Pacific Electric Picture. ...

NBC had abandoned animated comedy for several years following the 2004 series Father Of The Pride. It restarted development in the arena a couple of years ago, driven by The Office executive producer Greg Daniels, who was looking to return to his animated roots as co-creator of King Of The Hill. NBC developed several toon projects with Daniels, including one written/voiced by Mindy Kaling. ...

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Fox has made handsome profits from animation for a long time. I'm surprised other networks sat on the sidelines for as long as they did, sucking their thumbs. It never made a lot of sense.

So now we see if a trend sets in.


kris.w said...

w00! more jobs!

Brubaker said...

Well, other broadcast networks DID try prime-time cartoons. WB tried with "Baby Blues", "Mission Hills", and "The Oblongs". All three shows got cancelled before every episode aired.

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