Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shop Stewards

The Animation Guild has had a number of new shop stewards come aboard at studios around town. The current roster of TAG stewards:

  • Russ Calabrese (Disney TV)
  • Sherm Cohen (Paramount)
  • Justin Copeland (Marvel)
  • Dan Duncan (Marvel)
  • Daniel Elson (Cartoon Network)
  • Kassandra Heller (Cartoon Network)
  • Laura Hohman (Nick CG)
  • Chris Houghton(Disney TV)
  • Ray Leong (Nickelodeon)
  • Jason MacLeod (Disney Feature)
  • Larry Smith (Film Roman)

(And what do shop stewards do, exactly? Answer questions studio employees might have; refer workplace issues to the business agent; distribute pension and health plan information; hand out 401(k) enrollment forms and 401(k) information booklets. Beyond the names listed above, TAG executive board members also perform steward-type duties.)


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