Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One More New Series

This project is just now lifting off at Disney TVA/Empire in Burbank:

The kids network [Disney XD] has greenlighted comedy adventure series Penn Zero: Part Time Hero, about a boy who inherits the coolest job ever. ...

From Jared Bush (All of Us, Zootopia) and Sam Levine (Wreck-It Ralph, Bolt), Penn Zero follows suburban boy Penn who suddenly lands a job as a part-time hero and leader of a team of good guys who zap to other worlds to save the day.

Crew is being hired, and board work is starting.

In case you didn't know, Diz Co. puts its animated tv series through rigorous testing before show orders are okayed. Lots of animatics are tested in front of lots of target audiences, and then there are more tests and focus groups.

Nothing much is left to chance. By the time shows are being blasted into homes across the fruited plain, top execs at the Channel know what they're getting and how the cartoons they are underwriting will work in front of the target demographic.


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