Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The MPTF Clinics

This we think, is encouraging news:

The UCLA Health System and the Motion Picture and Television Fund have signed a letter of intent that would bring MPTF's six outpatient health centers under the UCLA umbrella.

This partnership between two of Los Angeles' iconic institutions will mean that entertainment industry members and their families can continue to get health care at MPTF facilities, with the added advantage of being able to access UCLA's world-renowned specialty care and inpatient services. ...

"We couldn't have found a better partner than UCLA Health System to future-proof the provision of high-quality health care for our entertainment industry community — care that they deserve and have come to expect from our doctors," said Bob Beitcher, CEO of MPTF. "UCLA has committed to operating the health centers exclusively for the use of industry members, with the same physician group and same clinical staff at the same locations. This is a winner for all stakeholders."

After completing a definitive agreement and securing board approval, the MPTF and UCLA plan to integrate the two operations in late spring 2014.

Dr. Janice Spinner, chief medical officer for MPTF, will remain in her role in the new organization, which will operate as an independent unit within UCLA.

"Aligning ourselves with the UCLA Health System is the best thing we could do today to ensure the long-term continuity for our patients and physicians," Spinner said. "Scale will matter more and more in health care as the risk for providing care shifts from fee-for-service to larger organizations that will get paid for keeping people healthy."

The new outpatient health system will be co-branded by MPTF and the UCLA Health System, and an advisory panel with equal representation from both organizations will provide strategic direction. ...

Other MPTF programs and services, including "The Home" (all levels of residential care), the 40-bed long-term care unit, the 30-bed memory impairment unit and all social services programs, such as financial assistance, Elder Connection, the Home Safety Program and many others, will still be solely operated by MPTF.

We knew a big announcement was coming, we just weren't sure what, specifically, it was. But this sounds as though it will work well for MPTF clinic patients all the way around.


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