Tuesday, October 08, 2013

"The Animator", March 1946 - pages 1 and 2

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Above, an artifact from TAG's predecessor labor organization ...

In the time of long ago, the Screen Cartoonists Guild was the representative of L.A. animators. The SCG came into existence in the late thirties, and had contract with just about all the animation producers by the early forties. (Disney was among the last to sign on after a monumental strike. ...

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So what was going on in March, 1946? Inflation was rearing its ugly head, and the SCG's business agent was saying, "No amount of [negotiated] wage increase will be worth a thing if price controls are broken and inflation, which is already here, gets out of hand." Art Babbit was writing about veterans issues. And there was talk of establishing a "retirement plan" and "profit-sharing." (Jeebus. Artists need things like that?)

It was certainly a different age, but the same issues that troubled SCG members then, rankle TAG members today. (We'll be running the rest of "The Animator" over the next few days.)


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