Wednesday, October 16, 2013


When it comes to good old free enterprise, you can never get enough government assistance.

The Irish government has amended its tax incentive for the film, TV and animation industries so that non-EU talent is now included as eligible expenditure.

The extension, subject to state aid approval, will bring Ireland’s Section 481 tax break in line with the UK’s same policy.

Earlier this year the Irish government extended its incentive to 2020, increased its value to 32% and introduced a new tax credit system from 2016. ...

Because, you know, unfettered markets! ...

It would be a fine thing if there weren't corporate subsidies and the guvmint just insured a level playing field. But that's as likely to happen as a congress person growing a consciense.

California needs to get more robustly into the game, and probably will before the rest of the work flees to Canada, Ireland, New York or wherever.


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