Tuesday, October 29, 2013


It seems the DC super hero infrastructure will be moving west.

... I am proactively reaching out to you this afternoon to share news about our business.

I can confirm that plans are in the works to centralize DCE’s operations in 2015. Next week, the Exec Team will be in New York for a series of meetings to walk everyone through the plans to relocate the New York operations to Burbank. The move is not imminent and we will have more than a year to work with the entire company on a smooth transition for all of us, personally and professionally.

Everyone on the New York staff will be offered an opportunity to join their Burbank colleagues and those details will be shared with you individually, comprehensively and thoughtfully next week. Meeting notifications will be sent tomorrow to ensure the roll out of this information and how it affects the company and you personally.


[DC Enterprises topkick] Diane [Nelson]

Happily, Burbank is very close in tone and vibe to New York City. So staffers will see little difference. (Except for the brown, lumpy mountains. And the coyotes howling at night. And no Times Square. Or skyscrapers. Or nightlife to speak of.

But lots of chain restaurants, movie studios, and a big AMC multiplex. Who could ask for more?)


Unknown said...

I don't understand the hate here. What's wrong with Burbank? If you don't like it here why don't you leave instead of knocking companies that see value in the local talent and bring jobs and revenue to the area?

Steve Hulett said...

I've lived in Burbank for thirty-six years. Like it a lot.

It's a joke. Lighten up.

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