Sunday, October 20, 2013

Striking Gold (At Last) in Gaming

Not the Vegas variety, but in the video universe.

Sales of “Disney Infinity” are picking up as it heads into the key holiday sales season, with starter packs for the game having sold 1 million units around the world, according to Disney Interactive.

It’s a significant milestone for Disney’s games group as it attempts to launch a major franchise for the Mouse House.

Each “Disney Infinity” starter pack is priced at $75, and includes the game, and three play sets with a figure in each. Additional figures and discs to play the game are sold separately.

With 1 million starter packs in homes, Disney now has more of a solid reason to call “Disney Infinity” a hit.

Diz Co. has a long, up-and-down record with video games. They've set up game divisions multiple times, only to crash and burn with various products. It was only two-and-a-half years ago that this happened:

... Disney disclosed late Tuesday that the operating loss at its interactive business, which makes video games and runs Disney-branded websites, had more than doubled to $115 million in the second quarter through April 2 (2011). That highlights just how much of a black hole the operation has become. ...

The company has had its successes, but also disasters. And it's laid off a hell of a lot staffers when this or that video game tanked. But success has happened now, and that seems to us a good thing.


thomasestrada said...

With a staff of 200+ including a dedicated art department responsible for everything from concept to marketing, this Salt Lake City studio has created something to be proud of in Disney Infinity.
With the artists already there and the upcoming addition of animation veterans from film and games, here's to continued success!

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