Sunday, October 20, 2013

World Wide Box Office -- Late October

Which animated movie earns what this week on planet Earth.

Weekend International Grosses -- (Global Accumulations)

Gravity -- $33,500,000 -- ($284,766,130)

Turbo -- $16,000,000 -- ($226,008,706)

Despicable Me 2 -- $7,100,000 -- ($898,439,105)

Cloudy With Meatballs 2 -- $5,100,000 -- ($124,236,768)

Planes -- $4,500,000 -- ($198,910,000)

Monsters University is done with foreign collections, but it's still in a few U.S. theaters, and collected $320,000 in the latest weekend. So it's global accumulation has nudged up to $737,909,000 and it remains the second biggest animated hit of 2013.

Then there is this:

Earning over $36 million at the box office this weekend, Twentieth Century Fox International soared past the $2 billion box office mark for the seventh time – and for the fifth year in a row.

Hugh Jackman’s Marvel Comics-inspired “The Wolverine’ has brought in more than $258 million from abroad this year, and it added $13.6 million with a No. 1 debut in China over the weekend. Its worldwide total is now $390 million.

It was a good weekend for Fox’s animated film “Turbo,” which debuted in the top spot in the U.K. ($6.4 million), France and Spain. It took in more than $16 million from 20 foreign markets, and pushed its overseas total to $143 million in the process. ...

So there is clearly life in the old snail yet.


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