Wednesday, October 02, 2013

In TV Land, White Men Rule

Just like always.

[The latest Directors Guild study finds that] caucasian males still direct nearly three-quarters of all episodic television. The remaining 28% of episodes were divided among minority males (14%), Caucasian females (12%), and minority females (2%). ...

It's not a lot different in cartoons. Presently only a couple of women direct in prime time animation -- Karen Carnegie Johnson works on The Simpsons (and animation veteran Nancy Kruse used to be in the rotation.)

There's one woman directing on Family Guy, and few to none directing elsewhere in primetime animation. But of course, there are few women anywhere who work in unionized, guild-covered positions.

Last time we broke down numbers, women occupied 17% of animation jobs.

That's far from good, but it beats (slightly) the DGA's 14%.

(Earlier posts and discussions about women in the animation industry can be found here, here, and here.)


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