Monday, October 28, 2013

The Don Lusk Birthday Interview -- Part I

TAG Interview with Don Lusk

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Happy 100th!

Cartoon veteran Don Lusk (animator, story man, and director .. from Disney on Hyperion to Hanna-Barbera on Cahuenga) turns turns ten decades old today.

To celebrate, we present you with the Don Lusk 100th birthday interview, which covers his career from Disney in 1933, to Hanna-Barbera in 1993. (Sixty years of work seems to be sufficient, wouldn't you say?) ...

I spoke to Don on the big office speaker-phone in mid-October. He talked about his early days at Walt Disney Productions, his work on "Snow White" and "Pinocchio," about how he walked out with other Disney strikers in 1941, carrying a picket sign until his feet and bank account gave out and he was forced to find other work for eating money.

He has no regrets about hitting the bricks, though it put a good-sized nick in his career at the Mouse House. (He'll be circling back on talking about his work on "Fantasia" and at Hanna-Barbera in Part III of the Interview.)


Steven Hartley said...

This is absolutely incredible!!

I have listened to some private audio conversations with recent conversations of Don, but an interview for everyone to access is just amazing!

Many thanks and Happy 100th to Mr. Lusk!!

Steve Hulett said...

There will be more over the next two days.

Hope you like it.

Sandro Cleuzo said...

Thanks for this, Steve, I am so glad you interviewed Mr. Lusk. It's always so inspiring to hear these masters of our industry.

Bob said...

This is some great stuff. I had no idea he was still alive. More on Hyperion and the Strike! You need to let Didier Ghez transcribe this for the Walt's People series.

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