Monday, October 21, 2013

Hand Wringing

Away on a three-day trip, I noticed this in the Guardian:

Reaction [to rumors of a Cars 3] has been negative in the blogosphere. Screencrush, which spotted the story, wrote on Twitter: "Is Pixar planning 'Cars 3' for 2018? Pleasesayno pleasesayno pleasesayno please … ah – crap."

We Got This Covered wrote: "Since Pixar seems hellbent on destroying all the goodwill it had built among fans of quality animated films, they're… getting ready for a road trip back to their grove of money trees with Cars 3."

Why anyone would be distressed escapes me. Pixar has at least two original in the hopper, Walt Disney Animation Studios -- which shares executives and brain trusts -- has three. What's the problem with another sequel, even if it's a sequel that isn't a critical darling?

Diz Co. is in it for the money, not the adulation of Pixar disciples. Renaissance art workshops disappeared several hundred years ago. We are now in the age of the conglomerate. Deal with it.


Mark Mayerson said...

I have no problem dealing with it, but since when is cheapening the brand a successful corporate strategy?

Steven Kaplan said...

When the production makes 3x what it cost? Steve's right. It's all about the MOOLAHH!!

Steve Hulett said...

It isn't even the grosses so much as it is the merchandising.

"Art" isn't what it's about. These are conglomerates we're talking about. The bottom line is priority #1.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, and I cant wait to see Shrek 13 as well.

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