Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DreamWorks Quarterly Report

Not great, but could, per the experts' expectation, have been worse.

DreamWorks Animation generated $10M in net income, down 58.8% compared with last year, on revenues of $154.5M, -17%.

Analysts expected revenues to come in at $140.3M. Earnings at 12 cents a share also beat expectations for a penny. ...

The feature film unit generated $120.7M in revenue and $55.4M in gross profit. Library titles contributed the most. ... Consumer products generated $12M in revenue with a $3M gross profit, mostly due to Turbo. And digital venture AwesomenessTV accounted for most of the $3.6M in revenue for the “other” category. ...

The company keeps branching out, building studios and amusements in China, moving more aggressively into television and mobile devices. The medium-sized animation house is slowly working its way to mini-major status.

I spent time on the Glendale campus today, and got to see a small piece of How to Train Your Dragon II on a computer screen. The movie rolls out in June, and based on the few scenes I saw, looks impressive.

DreamWorks Animation will have three features in release next year:, or which Dragon is the middle release. Pixar has no features, and the rest of Diz Co. will have two. Illumination Entertainment has none. If DWA's product is decent, it should have a good year in 2014.

I know DreamWorks Animation employees would be up for that. As a few related to me, if revenues kick up, there's a chance they can get some bonuses. (That won't be happening with this earnings report.)


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